Would you ever say the things you say to yourself to your best friend or someone you love and care about? “You really screwed that up, what is wrong with you?” “No wonder people don’t like you, you just made a complete fool of yourself.” “You are so fat and ugly; nobody would want to date you.” “You shouldn’t apply for that promotion; you wouldn’t get it anyway.”

We would never say anything like that to anyone else, yet we routinely say these horrible things to ourselves, and worse, we behave as if these things are true and it affects how we live our lives. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in these destructive thoughts that it is hard to recognize how damaging it can be to our feelings of self-worth and willingness to do good things for ourselves.

Counseling can help you get some distance from these internal messages, challenge their validity, find exceptions, and begin to have a different kind of relationship with your inner critics. Nobody ever hated themselves into a better or more successful person, and beating yourself up is counterproductive to motivation. Finding self-acceptance and treating yourself with kindness and compassion will put you on the path to making those changes you want but have found so elusive.

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