The person who raised you is getting frail, you worry about them living alone, you struggle with wanting to keep them safe and care for them, while also respecting their autonomy and need for independence. You don’t know how to broach the topic of long-term care, arrangements for when they can no longer care for themselves, assisted living, advance directives, wills and estate planning, and when it is no longer safe for them to drive.

Navigating this extremely difficult transition from having your parent be someone who cares for you to someone who needs your care brings up so many emotions and is a time of deep loss and uncertainty. Having an expert in the field who can help you navigate this delicate role reversal can be a key part of making this transition with great care, compassion and grace.

Counseling will help you work through your own experiences of pain and sadness and anticipatory grief so that you can be fully present in what your parent needs from you. Caring for a parent when the relationship is complicated or has been historically conflicted can be especially difficult and may require a great deal of emotional regulation in order to do what needs to be done.

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