Successfully weathering a hardship and coming through on the other end of it will leave you changed. Our experiences of loss and suffering can reveal things about ourselves we might never have had the opportunity to develop otherwise. People who have grieved the death of someone close to them sometimes find that they savor life more, are moved to dedicate their lives in service of others, and have a deep empathy for others that was not there before the loss. Being diagnosed with a serious life limiting illness has the potential to bring what matters most to you into sharp focus and you may find that your final months or years are among the most meaningful.

Some people use their experience of suffering to realign themselves with what is valuable and spur major changes in their lives, while others retreat into resentment and self-pity. You may not have had any choice in what happened to cause your suffering, but the one thing you always have complete agency over is how you respond to what happened. If you are struggling with how to respond to loss in ways that encourage post-traumatic growth, I can help you get in touch with what matters most to you and make changes in your life to live in service of those values.

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