Someone you love and care about is dying and you want to be there, you want to be helpful, you want to do and say all the right things but have no idea where to start or what they need. You have your own feelings about losing them but aren’t sure if or how much you should share with them about your own experience and dread over the thought of losing them. You don’t want to make it all about you, but you don’t feel so strong all of the time.

Counseling for people who are companioning the dying can help you sort out your own feelings and discover what feels right to you in navigating your relationship with the dying person. Making the most of what time you have left together, saying what needs to be said, knowing what needs dying people have and how you can help them fulfill those needs. Having the support of someone with expertise in end of life can help you gain confidence in your role as a companion to someone who is dying and an invaluable outlet for expressing your own fears, anger and anxiety without worrying about how your own experience of their death is affecting your ability to be there for them.

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