You may be wearing your perfectionist tendencies as a badge of honor, what can be so wrong about wanting things to be perfect? Having high standards for yourself is not in and of itself a bad thing, but perfectionist narratives can also be very damaging. Are you constantly beating yourself up about something in the past you feel you could or should have done better? Do you find yourself lying awake at night worrying about things that haven’t happened yet and running “what if” scenarios in your mind to prepare for every possible way it could go wrong? Do you have an underlying sense that nothing and nobody, including yourself, is living up to expectation leaving you feeling dissatisfied? Are you kicking the can of happiness down the road by thinking “Once “X” happens, then everything will be perfect and then I will be happy”?

These perfectionist narratives can keep you from being present in your life because you are spending so much time ruminating about the past or worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet. These thoughts can hold you back from taking risks, making changes, or living a life that is meaningful and satisfying right now, because you are always waiting for things to be just right. You may be overly critical of yourself or others and always comparing how things are to the idealized perfect image in your mind and finding it lacking.

If you are struggling with dissatisfaction in your life it may be because of perfectionism. Learning to identify and separate yourself from perfectionist narratives so that you can find more satisfaction and acceptance for things as they are can put you on the path to living a happier, more present centered and satisfying life. Stop waiting for things to be perfect, and learn how to live the life you want for yourself right now.

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