There are many times in life when our sense of purpose is shaken: A career change, midlife, empty nest, divorce, a death loss, graduating from school, the end of an intense caregiving role and many, many others. You find yourself wondering “What now?”, feeling lost, aimless and unsure of where to go or what to do next. Even things that should feel like a celebration can sometimes be tinged with a sense of sadness and loss of purpose.

These are the “in between” times, when you are no longer who you were, but you are not yet who you will become. Humans don’t like uncertainty, and we are not comfortable in these in-between times. However, embracing the in-between and using it as a time to check in with yourself and your core values can be really helpful in being intentional about what you do next.

Engaging in Counseling when you are struggling with a sense of purpose will help you focus in on what is important to you now, and identify what next steps to take to bring yourself in alignment with those values. Make time for yourself now, so that you move forward with intention and set a strong course toward a well-defined vision of a future of your own design.

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