The religion you grew up in may have deeply ingrained narratives of shame, guilt, wickedness and fear into you, and you are now realizing this has unduly influenced your thinking and how you live. You may have found yourself drawn into a high control religious group as an adult, but now that you are no longer a part of that religious community you are having trouble shaking off the trauma of living in a high control environment or deconstructing the teachings of the church from your own thoughts and feelings about the nature of the world.

Maybe you no longer believe in the church doctrine, or are not sure what you believe, and you are having trouble figuring out how to live life on your terms. In certain cases, you may have lost your whole family, community, social and instrumental support systems when you left your religion. You may also find yourself struggling with a sense of meaning, or with losing your structure or framework for how the world works now that you no longer have the religious doctrine to fall back on for clarity.

Engaging in counseling with a secular humanist can be a tremendous help in deconstructing religious trauma, overcoming the effects of leaving a high control religious group, and discovering your own path to living in congruence with your personal and freely chosen values after leaving religion. I have specific expertise in helping people identify harmful internalized religious messaging and untangling themselves from the shame, guilt, fear and hypervigilance they have experienced so that they can live more hopeful, meaningful, fulfilled lives.

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