You are starting to wonder if living alone is a good idea anymore, you worry about what will happen if you need help and can’t get to a phone. Getting things done around the house is getting more difficult, you can’t get around like you used to and are struggling with wanting to ask for help but not wanting to give up your independence.

Loss of independence, whether it comes from aging, illness or disability, is a time when it is necessary to reassess your sense of self and accept that navigating this life transition will require a certain amount of dependence on others and letting go of what “should” be to embrace what is. It is crucial at this time to get some support from someone with experience in this field to help you navigate not only the emotional aspects of redefining your life in the face of this new reality but can also help with resources to make sure that your wishes and autonomy are being listened to and respected.

If you, or someone you are caring for, is facing a loss of independence from aging, illness or disability I can help you navigate this difficult transition and face what is next for you with confidence, acceptance and hope.

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