Making the decision to change course and pursue a career change fills you with indecision, excitement, dread and stomach-churning anxiety. You might be feeling stuck, bored, fearful about the longevity of a career you have put a lot of time and energy into, but are not sure if making a change is the right decision. You could be at a place where you know you need to make a change, but you do not see any clear path toward anything else that would feel like a good fit for you. Or perhaps the decision was made for you and you lost your job because of corporate downsizing, a shift in the industry or a change in your life circumstances.

Leaving something known toward something unknown is always difficult, and it brings up a plethora of conflicting feelings and emotions as the scales tip back and forth weighing your options, endlessly debating the pro’s and con’s, and facing the uncertainty of your financial future. Counseling when navigating a career change will help you define what you want, gain clarity on what you don’t want, and create a decisional balance sheet so that your most desirable and attainable options emerge. Together we can process your feelings of loss and uncertainty, as well as revisit your core values and signature strengths in order to help you identify multiple paths forward that foster a sense of excitement, hope and optimism for what comes next.

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