Who knew that midlife would require so much acceptance and loss? Your body is changing, your kids are growing up, your parents are getting old, your marriage is struggling, your career isn’t satisfying. You never got to do all the things you dreamed of, and you have this sense that time is running out and that there should be more to life than this, but you feel too entrenched in the way things are to do anything but dream about how things might have been.

Transitioning into midlife is a time of reflection and re-evaluation. It is a good time to assess where you are, celebrate your wins and grieve your losses. Take stock of what is working in your life and what isn’t so that you can make changes and plan course corrections. It could be that dissatisfaction with your life is because you are still living in accordance with the values you had in your late 20’s and early 30’s when you set yourself on this course, and it is time to get back in touch with what matters to you and figure out ways you can live in congruence with the values and priorities you have now.

Counseling is a gift to yourself in midlife, a place where you can focus entirely on your inner experience, assess your subjective satisfaction with your life, and explore ways in which you can make changes that will bring you greater contentment and personal fulfillment. Sometimes it is not sweeping changes you need, but subtle shifts in perspective, acceptance and willingness to make your needs a priority.

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