You can’t stop crying, you reach out to pet him reflexively hundreds of times every day, you automatically go to the place on the counter where you kept her food every morning. People don’t get it. They keep telling you “it was just a dog/cat” or to “get another pet”, and part of you is very VERY tempted to do just that, to fill the void that the loss of your constant companion has left, but you don’t feel ready. You are afraid you will have resentment for a new pet who can’t fully replace the one you lost. You feel like you need time to grieve this devastating loss and heal your heart.

Losing a pet can be a disenfranchised kind of loss because although some people will get how much this four legged friend meant to you, others just don’t understand. You have lost a family member, and in some cases maybe the only family member you had left at home. Your days were scheduled around their routine, and their love and loyalty to you was unconditional. Relationships with our human family members can sometimes be complicated, but our relationships with our pets are just pure uncomplicated love and devotion. Losing that is excruciatingly painful.

If you are struggling to cope with the loss of a beloved pet and feeling like nobody in your life understands how utterly devastated you feel, counseling is a place where you can grieve openly and express the pain you are experiencing without fear of judgement or someone being dismissive of the magnitude of this loss.

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