Navigating Life and Loss

Mental Health Counseling
Heili D. Lehr, MA, LPC, NCC

How can I help?

Life can feel heavy sometimes, you seem to be plodding along just trying to get through it, or worse, waking up filled with dread at what the day ahead will bring. You struggle to find anything to get excited about or look forward to. 

It could be that something intangible has shifted and you have lost your sense of hope, optimism, and enthusiasm. Or perhaps a transitional event has occurred; you left a job, changed careers, retired, divorced, your kids grew up and moved away, you experienced the loss of someone close to you, received a life altering medical diagnosis, or a caregiving role has consumed your life.

You don’t have to do this alone

Whatever it is that has caused your life to feel difficult and unsatisfying, I can help you navigate your way through it and get your world spinning on its axis again in a way that feels far easier, more enjoyable and satisfying.