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Has something happened in your life that has tilted your world from its axis, making everything seem off-kilter, unsettling and unfamiliar? Perhaps you have experienced the loss of someone close to you, you have received a life altering medical diagnosis, or a caregiving role has consumed all of your time and energy.  It could be that you lost a job, retired, divorced, your kids grew up and moved away, or some other life event has caused a shift in your relationship to yourself, others, and the world around you.  You might be longing for everything to “get back to normal”, although now that everything has changed, that former version of normal no longer exists and this is leaving you feeling devastated, in a fog, depressed, angry, and even hopeless about what the future may hold for you. 

You don’t have to do this alone

Whatever it is that has caused your world to shift, I can help you navigate loss and change, find your way through the pain of it, and help you get your world spinning on its axis again in a way that feels more manageable.  We cannot change what has happened, but together we can work through it and forge a path ahead into what comes next for you.  I would be honored to companion you on this journey and be a support for you as you navigate your way through loss. 

Taking time for you

It can seem like taking an hour out of your week to focus on yourself and your experience of this loss is selfish or not a good use of the limited time you have available.  After all, you have people who need you and an endless list of things that must get done.  However, there is a big difference in giving from a position of being depleted vs. giving from a position of having something left of you to give.  Taking the time to focus on what you need, so that you are not approaching these changes from a place of depletion, will be time well spent. 

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